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Order wholesale FW23/24 WOMAN collection

Daniela Vinciguerra and her brand: an Italian example of responsible and sustainable sartorial production.


Tailoring in every detail.

Daniela Vinciguerra was born in Palermo in 1967 and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. She dedicates herself to the profession of an architect and in 2007 creates the women's dazzling brand VUEDU. She personally takes care of the design and follows the process of creation through her own tailoring workshops.
VU and DU in French Seen and Due, are actually her initials. A game of words that tells the stylistic path of the brand whose products are characterized by their strong structural geometries designed
for a woman who wants to appear gracefully original.

Sartorial Made in Italy

...with particular attention to the quality of the fabrics, the tailored fit and finishings. Expert hands take care of every detail: from prototyping to
production. Vuedu's philosophy is based on responsible and sustainable production. The dynamism and the organization of its own tailoring workshops means that it is also possible to satisfy small customization requests. In rejection of the disposable fashion rules imposed by globalization, Vuedu garments maintain the taste of the quality of the clothes of the past while proposing an original and contemporary design.



High quality, high craftsmanship, pieces that are meant to become part of the wardrobe season after season. Our pieces are made 100% in Italy and presented in most acclaimed Italian and International fairs: Who's Next and Tranoi in Paris, White, The One, MIPAP and Super in Milan, Scoop in London.

Online wholesale FW23/24 WOMAN collection


Sleeveless vest in with high collar and tubular fringe detail.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


Short waistcoat for men, front closure with snaps.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU

Flared wrap skirt made with the use of three fabrics. Closure with double buckles on the side.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


Midi duster coat with applied floral decoration detail, cuffed sleeves.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


Necklace made with main tubular wire and horizontal decorative secondaries.

One size

Sleeveless A-line midi dress with boat neckline. Plissé fabric tied onto woolen fabric.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


Blouse with boat neckline, back closure with invisible zip and 3/4 sleeves.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU

Apron skirt made up of two halves, a front and a back to be tied at the transformable waist, with different combinations of the parts.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


Two-tone scarf with collar and patch pockets in contrasting colour. Tubular fringe detail.

Sizes: 38 - 46 EU


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