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Marcalec Group is a global company that serves leading businesses worldwide. We help our customers (although we prefer referring to them as partners) build their businesses, improve their existing businesses, and achieve their most important goals.
Our origins in the Fashion business date to the early 1960's when the founder of the company started a small fashion distribution showroom in the heart of downtown Beirut. In the late 1970's due to civil war in Lebanon the business was moved to Milano - Italy (the heart of fashion).
The Group has now achieved a great International success having managed to bring some of the most famous European brands like Ungaro, Baldinini, Harmont & Blaine, True Religion, Zadig & Voltaire, La Martina, Hydrogen, Ottod'Ame, Balossa, Doppelganger and Mandarina Duck on the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern Territories.


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