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The skilled hands of our master artisans shape garments to be worn and passed on to the next generations.

Online wholesale SS23 WOMAN collection


Made in Italy since 1979

Established in Milan, Italy Cashmere has more than 40 years of experience in the styling and creation of cashmere and fine yarn garments with passion and mastery.

The people who created ITALY CASHMERE have always worked this raw material in an artisanal way.

What has always distinguished this small company is the attention to the product, the  passion for perfection and attention to detail .


Quality is never a trend. We combine centuries-old craftsmanship with manufacturing expertise. Our products live through time, as they represent the combination of industry and craftsmanship; the whole world is fascinated by the products of our land, by our care in the selection of raw materials, as well as by the search for top-notch quality and creativity in each and every stage of the production value chain.
The  competence  of the people, the attention to the customer  and  the love for the product  have always made it possible to be recognized as the excellence of cashmere production.



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