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A brand with a constantly evolving but still unmistakable style. Characterized by a clear urban chic trait, it immediately established itself as the expression of a cosmopolitan and ultra-modern trend, which comes to life in the refined total looks it proposes in its collections, the design of innovative models rendered with trendy materials.

In a short time, Hanny Deep has taken its rightful place in the panorama of the Made in Italy brands of the new guard, winning the attention and esteem of those in the industry and finding satisfaction and approval from the public and customers, who are increasingly numerous.

In parallel with the brand's values and underlying mission, the brand is associated with international faces selected from among the best-known and most influential representatives of the category, who serve as testimonials for the various advertising campaigns. Strong, beautiful, brilliant, determined and feminine women in the most beautiful and expansive sense of the word.

Hanny Deep then, is the result of many different things: dreams, ideas, beauty, strength and emotions.
Hanny Deep is like you.


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