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FEFÈ was born in Naples in 2011 from an idea of Francesco Fossari and Serena Famiano, respectively lawyer and architect designer but with a common and boundless love for fashion, made in Italy and excellent Neapolitan tailoring. Francesco and Serena look at the market almost as a challenge and see the possibility of introducing in the world of fashion an extremely simple but at the same time incredibly sophisticated item: traditional pocket squares, revisited in a modern way, revolutionised in style, in presentation, in essence.

The exclusive prints, the essential centrality of a strictly Italian and artisan production,the use of only noble fabrics constitute the foundations on which the company and theideals of its founders were based from the very beginning.The constant search for perfection, the pulsating attention to every detail and customer requests have allowed the Neapolitan brand in a very short time to be distributed today in about 40 countries around the world, with over 500 retailers and an online shop active since 2012 shipping to every corner of the globe.


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