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Advanced Solutions

 for Wholesale 

Optimise a specific, critical and fast-changing business function without investment in software or licences and always with up-to-date tools.

ragazza vestita di nero

Sales Tool

A Complete System to Increase Retailer Engagement

Ragazza vestita di nero

Easily engaging new prospects

ragazza con cappello

Comprehensive information in one document per buyer

ragazza gonna rossa

Managing temporary discounts to move the available

ragazza gonna nera

Modules to collect and manage orders​​

ragazza tutta rossa

A coherent and more incisive image also on retailer channels



We combine promotion with a buying opportunity

An interface developed to facilitate business contacts

Communicating to the right target group together with our tools allows immediate insight to prospects and a return of contacts to the sales department.

Correct target

The most delicate aspect in B2B marketing is to identify and reach the right prospect, otherwise, not only would resources be wasted, but a counterproductive message could be achieved.

Key database

Our database of more than 40,000 international retailer contacts is not just a number to select the right retailers but a tool to expand contacts consistently.

Functional geomarketing

Thanks to our technologies, we can create highly geolocalised marketing campaigns on physical industry events anywhere in the world.



A single interface
All tools

In an ever-changing reality, more and more tools are on the market, but their use is only effective when they are integrated with each other.

We have developed them into a single interface to ensure smoother and more coordinated management of product information and orders.


Towards the end consumer and improving sell through

BRANDTOSTORE is already integrated with major e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Logo

Towards other corporate functions and improving processes

BRANDTOSTORE is easily integrated with tailor-made projects according to requirements.


modulo ordine

A unique tool

To promote and improve sales processes while saving time and offering better service to wholesale customers.

Reduced costs

No investment or binding licence with a clear, all-inclusive cost. Maximum flexibility and no renewal obligation. Thanks to a scalable model, costs are significantly lower.

Automatic updates

The tools are continuously updated according to customer needs, always ensuring the latest version.

Immediate installation

Cost-free and immediately available. Access from anywhere for customers, agents and employees, with their own account, offers greater flexibility  to the whole team.

Strategic Advantages of Our B2B Platform

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Digital Asset Management

Streamline digital content management

An integrated system for the centralised management of digital materials, allowing content to be created, organised and distributed across different channels.

Marketing & Visual Materials

In this section you can share images and videos for marketing, communication and visuals, divided by function and use, and have everything at your fingertips in a single tool that can be easily updated and accessed by anyone.

dam scarpe
modulo ordine

Product informations

This section of the DAM is dedicated to sharing descriptions, information and photos of individual products. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to optimise the publication of products on different e-commerce, offering a consistent online image in the various channels

An all-in-one platform to manage your wholesale business 


Orders management

Virtual showroom


Interactive linesheet

Business analysis

Online and offline orders

Limitless integrations


Company domain

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